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Welcome to Matala, Crete – where history, nature, and the free-spirited vibe of the 1960s come together in perfect harmony!
Nestled along the rugged coastline of southern Crete, Matala is a captivating village steeped in ancient history and breathtaking beauty. Once a bustling port in antiquity, Matala boasts a rich tapestry of stories dating back to the Roman and Minoan civilizations.
But what truly sets Matala apart is its unique connection to the hippie movement of the 1960s. Drawn by the allure of its pristine beaches and the mystical caves carved into the cliffs, Matala became a haven for free spirits from around the globe. These caves, once used as Roman tombs, were transformed into makeshift homes by the hippies, who left behind vibrant murals and a legacy of peace, love, and freedom.
Today, the spirit of the hippie era still lingers in Matala, adding an extra layer of charm to its bohemian atmosphere. Wander through the winding streets and you’ll discover remnants of this colorful past, from the faded murals on the cave walls to the echoes of music and laughter that still fill the air.
But Matala is more than just a trip down memory lane. Its stunning landscape is adorned with golden sands, turquoise waters, and the iconic cliffs that sheltered the hippie caves. Explore the depths of the Mediterranean with a snorkeling adventure, hike along scenic trails that offer panoramic views of the Libyan Sea, or simply soak up the sun on one of Matala’s idyllic beaches.

Whether you’re drawn by its rich history, captivated by its natural beauty, or simply seeking a laid-back escape from the ordinary, Matala welcomes you with open arms. Come, experience the magic of Matala, where the past and present converge in a kaleidoscope of colors and cultures.

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